Our aims

  • Support young people entering a very different work environment

  • Create a level playing field by sharing opportunities equally to all young people

  • Provide a platform for talented young people to receive recognition

  • Raise money to support community services needed at this moment

Stuck-In: To commit enthusiastically & whole-heartedly

Why We Got Stuck-In

When Covid-19 arrived in Britain, most of us were getting ready to sit exams which were subsequently cancelled. Two years of dedicated work were gone in an instant. Schools weren’t expecting to teach us again until September, no one was prepared to devise an emergency curriculum. We had other concerns too: how could we be sure our exam-free grades would reflect our efforts? How would we be able to distinguish ourselves from everyone else in the event of grade inflation or – worse – deflation?

That’s when we got creative, when we got stuck in. We decided we weren’t alone, that other young people would share our concerns and also need an opportunity to stand out. We thought about how difficult the job market would become; young people already have the highest levels of unemployment. We realised that we could use our talents to create the very thing we needed – and Stuck-In, Stand-Out and Step-Up were born.

The Team

Chloe · 17 · Stand-Out Director
Lulu · 17 · Step-Up Director
Oscar · 16 · Brand Art, Website Design
Phoebe · 13 · Admin & Comms Director
Grace G · 19 · Art & Design
Grace L · 16 · Charities Support
Meg · 17 · Social Media Art & Design
Zac · 13 · Tech Support
Tallulah · 25 · Content & Publicity, mentor
Tina · 24 · Marketing, mentor
Eliza · 21 · Design, mentor
Julianne Miller · Stuck-In Director & Founder

“Having the opportunity to be mentored whilst strengthening my skills has made a huge difference to my confidence moving forward. I’ve been mentored by a BBC journalist, a political media campaign director and a theatre director. Imagine how amazing my CV is going to look!”

– Phoebe, 13

“Everyone starts somewhere, but this can’t dictate where we can go from there. Reading the interviews in Step-Up, it’s clear how many pathways to success there are, and how success can be reached by everyone if they know how to start.”

– Lulu, 16

“Young people deserve a chance to be recognised for their talent, no matter what kind of school they went to or where they grew up. I’m so proud of the amazing prizes in Stand Out and that we’re creating a competition where the entries are blind. You get chosen for your talent and not who you know.”

– Chloe, 16

“As a recent graduate, my own creative career was paused due to Covid. Every play I had lined up to direct was cancelled, and all the job opportunities in the arts vanished. Because I volunteered with Stuck-In, the last six months have enabled me to develop skills that will serve me in my career going forward whilst also using the time to give back. As an artist, I’ve mentored others and been mentored myself – a testament to what Stuck-In can do.”

– Tallulah, 24

“For the first time, I feel I have been taken seriously as an artist. I’ve been mentored by successful artists, web designers and branding experts. This project has literally changed my life.”

– Oscar, 16

Every story has a beginning and an end. Stuck-In is my new beginning. I love that it helps people with needs to get a job and it will look good on my CV. I am proud to be a member of the team and the other kids are really nice.

– Zac, 13

“Nothing rivals the vitality and imagination of young people. They enliven every space they enter. When we share the skills we’ve gained over time, when we open our doors to the next wave of talent, our generosity becomes our legacy. It’s not just a responsibility to mentor the young, it’s a privilege”

– Julianne

Our Charities

Stuck-In started with one aim: to raise money for communities affected by the pandemic.

As we began to understand how our own community – young people – would be affected in the long term, we never lost the intention to raise money in support of others.

Our amazing partners have come on board because they want to give back too. Each opportunity on offer directly supports teens, in understanding of the challenges that lay ahead.

Entry to compete for all our awards is completely free. We hope that you will choose to make a donation of £5 for your entry. If this isn’t possible for you – don’t worry. We care about your creativity more than your money.




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