The workforce is changing. Between the economic challenges of Covid-19 and the move towards self-employment, young people need really different career advice. We’ve asked all sorts of people with careers we admire to tell us how they got their job. We also asked them how they started out, what their first job was like, and what they think are the secrets to a successful – and interesting – career.

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Is talent enough? Are there practical steps you have to take to get the job you want? Join us for a series of live interviews with amazingly talented people – and find out how you can Step-Up to the job of your dreams. This will be interactive so come with questions!

Mandy Morris, Executive Producer

March 2021

Mandy was the Executive Producer of Love Island and Big Brother, and has produced on many reality, entertainment and children’s TV programmes, including I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and Dating in the Dark. She is currently producing Love Island around the world and has launched 13 international versions so far! 

Ed O’Brien – Lead Guitarist, Radiohead

April 2021

Ed O’Brien (EOB and Radiohead) Radiohead formed at school in 1985, and have made 9 studio albums to date. Ed is one of the guitarists in the band. He has also started his own solo project, EOB. Earth his debut album was released In April 2020. He is currently working on its follow up.

David Joseph CBE, Chairman & CEO of Universal Music UK

June 2021

David is Chairman and CEO of Universal Music UK, the UK’s leading music company. Alongside the labels Capitol, Decca, Island, Polydor and EMI, he also oversees Abbey Road, the world’s most famous recording studio. In January 2020 he launched Universal Music’s Creative Differences project, led by the publication of the first handbook for embracing neurodiversity in the creative industries.