Fashion: brand Founder & Managing Director – Helene

Describe your job in couple of sentences:

I design, sell and manufacture my Fashion Brand Helene Berman, which is both clothing and
hats. I source fabrics to design the collection. Visit factories to create the collection for
stores and online platforms around the world. The clothing collection consists of
approximately 150 designs per season and the hats 90.

When did you know what you wanted to do?

I knew from a really young age that I loved Fashion and dreamt of making felt skirts when I
was still in my cot! Initially I had thought about being a textile designer but changed my mind after doing an art
Foundation course. I attended an end of year Fashion Show for Harrow School of Art which sent shivers down
my spine. I thought if they can teach me to do this it would be amazing!

Did you go to university, go straight into the workforce or do an apprenticeship?
What did you study?

I did an Art Foundation Course at Barnet College which I didn’t enjoy.
However, it is at the end of that year you decide which area you want to
study. I then went to Harrow College of Art to study Fashion for a further
three years. Throughout the course I went to work once a week for a fashion
company which was an invaluable experience.

What was your first job?

My first job was for a Blouse supplier working out of a factory in Hornsey.

Does it relate to what you do now?

Every experience I have had in the Fashion Industry relates to what I do

Have you done other jobs in your life – if so what were they?

The only other jobs I have had were all holiday jobs working in a hairdressing salon and
working in various retail fashion shops.

Did they have any influence on what you do now?

Anything related to selling and fashion influenced my career path.

How did you find out about your job (how it existed)?

After my degree, I was introduced to a gentleman who had a trouser factory making for
men only and wanted to start a ladies division which is where I cut my teeth!

How did you get the job you wanted- steps and process?

After many years of working with the factory and learning every process I decided to branch
out to create a collection of my own.

Did you go to university or do an apprenticeship or anything like that?
What was it?

I did a Fashion Degree

Does it relate to what you do now?


What qualities do you need to have to be successful in your field?

You need to be hardworking, creative, artistic and passionate about wanting to succeed.

Give 3 tips for someone hoping to follow in your footsteps:

Get as much work experience as you can this will help you decide which path you want to
take. Communicate and talk to people in any of the fields you are interested in.

Who inspires you?

My Inspiration comes from Film, Reading, photography, Travel. I never stopped being