CEO & Founder (STRYYK) – Alex

Describe your job in couple of sentences:

I manage the STRYYK brand of distilled non-alcoholic spirits. Looking at ways to continuously
innovate within product development. To inspire, motivate and drive my team mad,
oversee supply chain, and finding new and innovative ways to continue to drive sales and
awareness of the brand here and abroad online and in store.

When did you know what you wanted to do?

I still don’t know what I want to do, hope to figure that out soon.

Did you go to university, go straight into the workforce or do an apprenticeship?

I left school at 17 and went to live in The States. I worked in the entertainment business in
LA, sadly no great success story to report, but had a great time for a decade, opened my
eyes to a whole new world, culture and mind set of people. It was great life changing
personal growth experience for me, one I will always look back on fondly and recommend to

What was your first job and does it relate to what you do now?

I did many odd jobs as a teenager, but my first proper job was at the talent agency in Los
Angeles, I was general office support, assistant to all the bookers, I used to drive the
talent to their shoots. It was a very social job dealing with different situations,
personalities and individuals, so from the dealing with people point of view it certainly

Have you done other jobs in your life – if so what were they?
 Did they have any influence on what you do now?

I have worked for a very well-known Hollywood TV commercial director after the talent
agency. I did a stint at a City of London Recruitment agency which lasted about three months which I hated. The main influence this had on me was, I knew I couldn’t work for anybody, I had to work for myself so subsequently set up my first business Funkin Cocktails age 27

How did you find out about your job (how it existed)?

I created my own job / role so it was more entrepreneurial and creation as opposed to finding a job.
How did you get the job you wanted- steps and process?
I raised a small amount of capital from a mate and started the new brand, it was learn on the job time, (built the plane whilst it was flying). When you go alone the learning trajectory is incredible, what you see, hear and experience in days weeks and months in your own business. How you pivot, fight and adjust to stay afloat. Its eyes wide open time, your absorbing every nugget of information and making decision alone that will make a difference for better or for worse.

What qualities do you need to have to be successful in your field?

I guess you need patience, persistence, tolerance, plenty of hunger and energy and burning
desire to succeed and be the best you can in your sector. You must be malleable and able to
pivot. You must take the rough with the smooth and understand its business and not

Give 3 tips for someone hoping to follow in your footsteps:

1. Believe in yourself and ideas
2. Take as much mentoring and advise as you can but ultimately the buck lies with you so
funnel it and distill it quickly and act. Don’t procrastinate.
3. Be decisive, take action and keep your reputation clean.
4. Don’t sweat the small stuff and manage your company finances meticulously.

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by the underdog that succeeds.