The CLOAKROOM Magazine Award

CLOAKROOM is an interview magazine for people obsessed with design.

They want you to design a front cover.

CLOAKROOM magazine showcases lifestyle and interiors through the lens of experience and intimacy, documented in photographic portfolios, interviews and commentary. CLOAKROOM explores, with wit and rigour, exceptional people and the spaces they inhabit, quietly challenging the concept of taste through the observation of both high and low culture. It features distinguished icons and exposes their humanness; the banality of their routine, their own barely noticed interaction with the everyday. | @cloakroommagazine

Submission Guidelines:

  • Design your own cover of the magazine.
  • Create your own style, don’t use our existing style.
  • Experiment with the masthead, the typeface, the imagery, even the format and size.
  • How would you uniquely present this magazine?
  • This competition will close after 100 entries have been received

The winner will receive:

  • Witnessing and participating in the final, and most compelling phase of a future CLOAKROOM magazine issue
  • You will be part of the decision making process for cover choice, layout and design
  • You will learn how editorial and creative decisions are made and witness the realisation of the issue from design to print run

Terms and Conditions: Entries accepted from 1 February 2021. Closing date for submissions 1 April 2021 at 11.59 pm. Entries are restricted to UK residents aged 16-18 as of 1 April 2021. Entrants agree that Stuck-In may use all images and content for promotional purposes across their website and social media. All work remains the copyright of the entrant. There are no restrictions on the number of entries. Your £5 donation will support our partner charities.


Entries have a suggested £5 donation to our wonderful charities. Entrants must be between the ages of 16 and 18 by 15 March 2021. You may enter more than once, and work produced for GCSE and A-Level is welcome. Only winning entries and runners up will receive feedback. We may feature your work on our website and socials to keep an eye out!